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Cooking up a Culinary Nonprofit

Like so many of our friends and clients, we’re passionate about food. We’re also passionate about contributing to the continued revitalization of the City of Detroit.

This summer we are bringing the two together by partnering with local chefs, restaurateurs and other business owners in creating a new nonprofit organization: The Field – Detroit’s Culinary Collaborative.

With local chef Matt Tulpa of Salt & Saffron and Vicecream Detroit at the helm, The Field is designed to advance Detroit’s growing food economy. It will provide a collaborative forum where restaurateurs, chefs, other food entrepreneurs and anyone else involved in food services in Detroit can help each other address issues they face and keep informed of Detroit’s rapidly evolving culinary landscape.

Stay tuned for details on the organization and a kickoff event planned for August. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is actively involved in food-based entrepreneurship in Detroit or otherwise engaged in the city’s food services industry, please contact Zana at [email protected] or Kate at [email protected] to learn more about becoming a member.

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