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Whether our clients are seeking zoning approval or looking to appeal a zoning denial, we guide them through the entire process.

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Guiding and advocating for you.

When investing and developing in a community, securing zoning approval for a project is one of the biggest steps in bringing a vision to life. Whether seeking approval for a new development or appealing a zoning denial, our Michigan zoning attorneys will guide and advocate for you each step of the way. Our goal is to put you in a position to secure the best outcome and capitalize on the opportunities in the community in which you are investing.

Maximize Your Investment.

Our goal is to set clients up for success from the beginning. Dalton & Tomich leverages the years serving on planning commissions and the various land use scenarios our firm has handled to help us understand what the other side is thinking and anticipate any potential pitfalls or opposition. Let us represent your vision.

The Local Touch

If the property you are purchasing is not zoned for the use you had in mind, if you are experiencing opposition from the community or city, or if your zoning request was denied, we can help.

Zoning is highly local and highly relational, and every community has a different process. If a professional with local knowledge is not involved at the beginning of the application process, it may hurt the chances of having the project approved.

At Dalton & Tomich, we understand Michigan zoning processes and community dynamics and have relationships with those who can move the project forward.

Maximize Your Investment.

We work with communities to affirm local relationships needed to get projects approved. Let us guide you through the process.

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