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Excess Church Property

Transforming Church Properties

Churches across the country have a significant amount of excess or underused properties. Sanctuary space, classrooms, off-street parking, or even vacant land can all be an asset if stewarded and used in the right way. Realizing the potential of church property often requires creative and expansive thinking.

At Dalton & Tomich, we help churches and ministries all across the country use their properties in new and better ways by helping them overcome the legal hurdles and restrictions which may stand in their way. Download our infographic on How to Turn Excess Church Property from a Liability to an Asset.

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Avoid unexpected pitfalls and rest easy knowing we have everything covered.

While agents and brokers can help find a property, they do not always provide guidance through the actual buying and selling process. That’s why partnering with an attorney who understands legal considerations and potential risks is important to make sure you have a successful commercial real estate deal.

Dalton & Tomich understand local laws in Michigan and Illinois as well as the ins and outs of the commercial real estate process. We offer a full range of land use services, and we use our knowledge to help you avoid pitfalls and navigate any zoning issues that might arise during the buying or selling process.

FREE GUIDE: Commercial Real Estate Checklist

If you are planning to buy or sell a piece of commercial property in Michigan or Illinois, knowing what to expect can help you plan appropriately and manage the process - not to mention your stress. Our FREE commercial real estate checklist will help confidently navigate a sale or investment.

If you find yourself experiencing a riparian rights conflict, we can help.

If you find yourself experiencing a riparian rights conflict, we can help. Call us today (313) 859-6000!

Transforming Church Properties: Unlocking Potential and Purpose

Are you ready to uncover the hidden potential within your church’s excess land? At Dalton & Tomich, we help congregations turn vacant, underutilized spaces into valuable assets that not only support your mission but also benefit the community. Let’s explore how churches across the country are making the most of their unused property and how you can, too.

Unlocking Potential: A New Way Forward for Churches

How are other churches making better use of their unused space or property?

Many churches, like yours, have realized that empty land or underutilized buildings can be a source of untapped potential. They are:

Advancing Your Mission: Using Excess Space with Purpose

How can you use your excess space to better advance your mission?

Dalton & Tomich is here to help you align your real estate assets with your mission. By leveraging your land and buildings creatively, you can:

Overcoming Legal Hurdles: Navigating Obstacles

What legal obstacles could keep you from realizing your property’s potential?

Navigating legal challenges is crucial. Common obstacles include:

Realizing Your Property's Potential: The Community Connection

Who in your community could help you realize the potential of your property?

Unlocking your property’s potential often involves collaboration with:

Dalton & Tomich is here to guide you through these legal complexities and help you overcome obstacles on your path to revitalizing your church’s land and buildings.

Are you ready to transform your church’s excess land from a liability to an asset that enhances your mission and serves your community? Contact us today to explore the possibilities and embark on a journey of purpose and transformation. Together, we can bring your vision to life.

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