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Methodist Separation: We offer this good book

We have exciting news to announce.  Our free guide to local churches who are evaluating what to do while waiting on the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in September 2021 is now available.

We know this issue can be confusing. That’s why we created “UMC Separation: What Your Church Needs To Do Now” a free guide to help you lead your congregation to the choice that’s best for your church.

We’re the most experienced attorneys in this area of the law, having successfully assisted hundreds of United Methodist churches in navigating through departure questions, the UMC trust clause and other legal factors. This guide combines our knowledge and experience to give you more information about your options.


  • The current status of the separation plan
  • What the UMC is doing before the vote
  • Why now is a crucial time to make decisions for your future
  • Three questions you need to be asking now
  • The four options you have
  • Next steps to take to preserve your property and grow your ministry – whether you stay or leave

You can find the guide here and additional resources, videos and white papers at our website, www.daltontomich.com 

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