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Shutdown Allows Illinois Small Businesses and Not-for-Profit Corporations Time To Reassess How They Operate

At Dalton & Tomich, we work with both for profit and not-for-profit clients in Illinois. Be it small business start-ups or existing religious ministries, we help our clients understand how they can accomplish their goals while navigating the various laws which govern how they may operate. Everyone has been forced to change how they operate because of COVID 19 and adjust on the fly with each new executive order.

During the state ordered shutdown, which has now been extended through May in Illinois, we have noticed that a number of our clients are taking the opportunity to reevaluate how they operate. We are helping our small business clients review their contracts, policies, and operating procedures. We are helping them to take advantage of this opportunity when they actually have the time to reassess how they serve their own clients and run their businesses. Our hope is that we can help them be in a better position to grow their business and serve their clients when the shutdown ends.

On the not-for-profit front, we are working with local ministries to review their bylaws and even help them figure out how they can conduct their annual business and congregational meetings when they are not allowed to meet in person. We are helping them understand what the Illinois Not For Profit Corporation Act authorizes in terms of electronic notice, virtual meetings and voting so that they can approve annual budgets and carry on their valuable not-for-profit work.

Ultimately, we want to help all of our clients overcome the obstacles that this shutdown continues to pose and take advantage of this time to position themselves well when the shutdown orders end.

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