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Options for Your Church Under the UMC Separation Protocol

The announcement of the United Methodist Church’s Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace through Separation has left many local church leaders wondering “What does the separation plan mean my church?” Regardless of whether the local church desires to remain with the UMC, leave the denomination or become independent, there is a lot to consider.

In this video, attorney Daniel Dalton sits down with Maurilio Amorim to discuss the United Methodist Church separation plan and what it means to local congregations. Dan also recently released a free ebook titled “What the United Methodist Separation Plan Means for Your Church.”

In representing hundreds of local churches in property disputes within the Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian USA denominations, Dan has seen the problems that can arise if a local church does not have a clear plan and clear vision for the future before they make the decision to separate. In many cases, these churches are likely struggle, often losing both members and property.

He encourages church leaders to take the time now to educate themselves about their options and prepare for the next steps.

Contact Dan to discuss your options today at 313.859.6000 or for more information, visit our web page on church property disputes and denominational splits.

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