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Noel Sterett to Present at Notre Dame’s 2nd Annual Church Properties Conference

The University of Notre Dame will host its second annual Church Properties Conference at the end of October. The event explores the various issues and opportunities that arise with church-owned property. This year Dalton & Tomich attorney Noel Sterett has been invited to present at the event. He will join experts from around as they discuss a wide array of topics that are of particular importance to church leaders looking to make better use of their properties. Those in attendance will have the opportunity learn through expert panels, workshops, lightning talks, and case studies.

Dalton & Tomich is honored to serve as sponsor for this year’s conference as it aligns with the firm’s mission to equip church leaders with the knowledge they need to make better use of their properties. Notre Dame has sought to lead in this area and launched the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate’s Church Properties Initiative in 2021. The ultimate goal is to see church properties turned into a powerful force for good.

At Dalton & Tomich, we help churches and ministries all across the country use their properties in new and better ways by helping them overcome the legal hurdles and restrictions which may stand in their way. We are delighted to partner with Notre Dame on this front and thankful for all the University is doing through its Church Properties Initiative.

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