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Comparing the Separation Proposals of the United Methodist Church

While the detail still need to be drafted, and the plans vetted by the Judicial Council, the UMC News Service published a chart setting forth the various proposals to be discussed and voted on at the May 2020 General Conference.

At this moment in time, the plan with the most support is the Separation Protocol that was announced by the group of 16 representing 5 affinity groups within the Methodist denomination. However, it is far from certain what plan will be ultimately adopted, or what version of a plan may be adopted, but those interested in this issue can review the chart below to see how the plans match up with their vision for the future.

To learn more about the Separation Protocol, please download our free eBook that reviews the plan in detail.  And to learn how to leave the Methodist Church , download our whitepaper and contact one of the professionals at Dalton & Tomich PLC to serve as your guide out of the denomination.

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